Kingston Plaque Dedication

Honoured guests at the unveiling of the historic plaque marking the location of Ontario’s first observatory: Dr. John Downie, Dean of the Department of Applied Sciences of Queen’s University; Dr. A. Vibert Douglas, Founder and Honorary President of the Kingston Centre and Past President (1943–1944) of the R.A.S.C.; and Professor Victor Hughes of the Department of Physics of Queen’s University. Photo by Leo Enright.

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Astronomy Day 1984 #7

Astronomy Day 1984 (May 5) in Kingston, Ontario. Hein van Asperen with his home-made 10 Newtonian on Dobsonian mount.  Leo Enright is on the right.

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J.A. Pearce Interview

Interview with Dr. Joseph A. Pearce in Victoria on August 31, 1981 by Christopher Aikman (DAO, Victoria Centre Secretary) and Muriel Enock (Victoria Centre SkyNews Editor).

Note from Muriel Enock:

I should explain the tape gaps.  The first gap was when the first (of my three shorter) sides finished.  Dr. Pearce startled, and by the time he had got back on track, so I had the second side.  So here you really don't miss anything.

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Newcomb Monument #2

The plaque on the Simon Newcomb monument at Wallace Bridge, NS.

Photo by Gordon Hawkins, August 1986.

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Newcomb Monument

David Chapman, a winner of the Simon Newcomb Award, stands beside the monument at the former astronomer’s birthplace at Wallace Bridge, NS.

(This photo appeared on page 59 of Looking Up.  Photo by Gordon Hawkins, August 1986.)

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Roy and Phyllis Belfield

Active members of the Winnipeg Centre.

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Randall Brooks

Ottawa and Halifax Centre member. Service Award 1986.

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Stan Mott

Longtime Ottawa Centre member, Librarian, eclipse chaser, meteor observer. Service Award 1980.

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Damien Lemay

A Québec Centre member and avid astrophotographer. Chant Medal 1987. National President (1990-92).

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Warren Morrison

Kingston Centre member, active variable star observer. Chilton Prize 1979. Chant Medal 1986.

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