Interview with Dr. Joseph A. Pearce in Victoria on August 31, 1981 by Christopher Aikman (DAO, Victoria Centre Secretary) and Muriel Enock (Victoria Centre SkyNews Editor).

Note from Muriel Enock:

I should explain the tape gaps.  The first gap was when the first (of my three shorter) sides finished.  Dr. Pearce startled, and by the time he had got back on track, so I had the second side.  So here you really don't miss anything.

The next gap occurred when Dr. Pearce and Chris rose and crossed the room to look at his old, old textbooks and his fabulous stamp collection.  What was said was really not of particular interest, though incidentally he has since that time presented about 50 old texts to our Centre Library and some may find their way to National Library in due course when we have been through them ('we' being Jack Fraser, our excellent new librarian, with general comments from Victoria Council).  I switched the tape off at this point and did not realize that we were in fact not as near the end of the second side as I had thought.

I then started a third side (of these shorter tapes) when those two astronomers brought the DM Persei files back and sat by the living room fire again - at least, I had started it a bit before then when we were sorting the files out from Dr Pearce's file cabinet (you will recognize this sorting process which Chris tries to help him with).

When making the copy you have, for convenience I put the three shorter sides onto two longer sides of the one tape.  However, I forgot or did not realize that there had been a lot of my second side left before the DM Persei discussions.  That is why you have a very long gap, for which I do apologize.  Perhaps someone in Toronto can eliminate this exessive gap if it will be forever perplexing people consulting the archives. [This has been done in the digital copy here.—WM]

Part 1 run length: 1:01:43
Part 2 run length: 0:49:09