Membership Card 1981

RASC Membership card, 1981.

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GA Guide 1981

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J.A. Pearce Interview

Interview with Dr. Joseph A. Pearce in Victoria on August 31, 1981 by Christopher Aikman (DAO, Victoria Centre Secretary) and Muriel Enock (Victoria Centre SkyNews Editor).

Note from Muriel Enock:

I should explain the tape gaps.  The first gap was when the first (of my three shorter) sides finished.  Dr. Pearce startled, and by the time he had got back on track, so I had the second side.  So here you really don't miss anything.

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Bart Bok 1981

Bart Bok in early January of 1981, with the plaque representing his honorary membership in the RASC.

Photo taken by Peter Jedicke at Bok's house in Tucson, AZ.

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GA Group Photo - 1981

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GA Graphic - 1981

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