Helen Hogg

(1905-93) A well-known DDO astronomer (specializing in globular cluster variables) and popularizer of astronomy. She wrote an astronomy column in The Toronto Star for 30 years. Served as President (1957-58) and Honorary President (1977-81) of the Society.

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Peter Millman

(1906-90) Dominion Observatory/NRC astronomer with an interest in meteors; RASC President (1960-62).

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Cyril Clark

(1912-96) Treasurer of the Society (1970-76) and Chair of the Property Committee (1972-77).

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Marie Fidler

(?-1996) Executive Secretary of the RASC (1958-72).

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Malcolm Thomson


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Survey 1993

This survey was distributed as part of an issue of the Bulletin in 1993.

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Looking Up

Looking Up: A History of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, by R. Peter Broughton.

Information and table of contents.

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1994 Eclipse Brochure

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Survey 1993 Results

Partial Results

These are the results I showed at the 1993 October 8 Kingston Centre meeting. I have only tabulated results for the yes/no type questions. Questions involving the respondent to estimate percentages, or give ideas, or other word-type answers, I did not analyze (too much work!). One exception is question 70B (what organizations do you contribute astronomical data to). Here I sifted through and tabulated the responses, since I was particularly interested in this question.—WM.

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SAM 1941-67

La société d'astronomie de Montréal ("SAM")

Centre Francophone de la Société d'astronomie du Canada

RAPPORTS ANNUELS (1947 - 1998)

- incluant aussi -

Les années de l'Observatoire
"Ville Marie" (1941 - 1953)

Quelques Congrès de la SRAC
et certains Congrès de l'A.G.A.A.

Les Lauréats du Centre Francophone

Tome 1: 1941-1967

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