Survey 1993 Results

Partial Results

These are the results I showed at the 1993 October 8 Kingston Centre meeting. I have only tabulated results for the yes/no type questions. Questions involving the respondent to estimate percentages, or give ideas, or other word-type answers, I did not analyze (too much work!). One exception is question 70B (what organizations do you contribute astronomical data to). Here I sifted through and tabulated the responses, since I was particularly interested in this question.—WM.

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GA Group Photo - 1993

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GA Guide 1993

1993 General Assembly

July 1-5, 1993, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • President's Welcome
  • General Information
  • The Ruth Northcott Lecture
  • Biography: David Levy
  • Paper Session Schedule
  • Paper Session Abstracts
  • Acknowledgement of Help
  • Delegate List (By Last Name)
  • Delegate List (By Affiliation)
  • Sponsors
  • Jokes
  • Cartoons
  • Farewell to Nova Scotia
  • Mount Saint Vincent Campus Map
  • Schedule of Events
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GA Graphic - 1993

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