Corresponding Member: Rev. Norman H. Russell

"The news from India of the death of the Rev. Norman Russell, B.A., at Mhow, India, has been sorrowfully received. His life gave promise of much usefulness. He was born in Toronto, and studied in Toronto University and Manitoba College, where he was graduated in 1890. The same year he was sent to India as a missionary by the Central Presbyterian Church of Toronto.
As a missionary he used special efforts for the evangelization of the villages, and he was acting chaplain of the British forces stationed in his district. "Village Life in India", just published by Revell, shows that he was well informed and a student of men."
The Missionary Review of the World, Vol. 25 September 1902
Rev. Russell appears to have spent the years 1897-98 home on furlough, according to the Daily Mail and Empire Sep. 25 1897, and to a report of his speech at a conference on "Deepening of Spiritual Life" at Jackson's Point early in July 1898, according to the Record of Christian Work, Vol. 17 September 1898.
At the meeting of 1898-03-31, the Rev. Norman Russell was duly elected a corresponding member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto. Mr. Russell's future address would be some point in India, to be communicated later. However, it appears that Rev. Russell never again corresponded with the Society, and his name and address were left off all subsequent lists of corresponding members.
Title/Given Name: 
Rev. Norman H.