Corresponding Member: W. Nelson Greenwood

"Those who take an interest in the scientific side of their profession and particularly so in studying the tides, will hear with deep regret of the death of the Lancaster Harbour Master, Captain W.N. Greenwood, F.R.G.S., who expired suddenly in Lancaster Castle Station. Captain Greenwood was an officer in the Cunard Line before taking up the harbour-mastership which he held for so very many years and, as it afforded him greater leisure, he was able to pursue his studies all the deeper. As the author of Greenwood's Kludonometric Tide Tables he, by dint of great labour, produced them for some sixteen or seventeen years but, as is only too often the case, works of this kind only involve pecuniary loss apart altogether from discouragement, and in justice to his own financial resources, Captain Greenwood was compelled to forego issuing further editions. He was a man of fine presence and commanded great respect and esteem wherever he went. His loss will be greatly felt."
The Nautical Magazine Vol. 75 pp. 226
1906 Glasgow
The earliest letter from Captain Greenwood was read out at the meeting of 1896-03-17, according to draft minutes (this was not recorded in the typeset Transactions). Captain W. Nelson Greenwood, of Lancaster, Eng., was duly elected a corresponding member of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto at a meeting on 1898-03-17. Despite this, he was also listed as a corresponding member in the Transactions of 1897. In that year, he was at least cited in the paper "The Nautical Day" by Mr. G.E. Lumsden, for assistance with the Canadian Joint Committee for the Unification of Time.
Title/Given Name: 
Cpt. W. Nelson
United Kingdom