Comics & Drawings / Bandes dessinées & Dessins

"Trip to Space" by Bhavishyaa V

When Bhavishyaa V decides to build her own rocket and leave to explore deep space, she narrates interesting things about sky objects she sees on the way. 

"Happy Astronomy Day"

This drawing has Astronomy content because I love astronomy.

by Regia H. A.

"My First Planet"

This is the first planet I saw using a telescope!

by Navika S

"Saturn and Jupiter"

Planets of the solar systems

by Namir

"Space Exploring"

Armeen exploring space

by Armeen M


Pencil and sharpie drawing by hand

by Lander W

"Solar System"

This is the solar system consisting of the big planets, dwarf planets, and their moons

by Mikail R

"Satellite Maintenance" & " Mission to Jupiter"

The astronaut is doing a spacewalk to fix a broken satellite


Planets are really big

by Dane P

My Solar System

When I first looked at the night sky, full of stars. My curiosity pushed my parents to introduce me to my solar system. So mesmerizing. 

by Jaivardhan A 

My Space Imagination

"I think Space looks like this!"

By Navika S

Me & The Milky Way

"Mixed media art of me in the milky way."

by Josie B

"Space Walk"

Mixed media space walk artwork.

by Coral B