Diarmuid Fitzgerald

(1930-) An active observer and Toronto Centre member. National Secretary (1974-77). Received the Service Award in 1975.

DIARMUID J. FITZGERALD (1930-) shared many interests with his long-time friend Vern Ramsay. They were both "founding fathers" of the Toronto Centre's newsletter 'Scope. Both were active in trying to establish a Centre Observatory, and both were part-time lecturers at the McLaughlin Planetarium when it first opened. "Fitz" followed Vern as Director of the Observers Group in 1962-65, joined the AAVSO in 1964, and sent in observations of variable stars for a few years. He succeeded Vern as Vice-President and President of the Centre. During FitzGerald's Presidency, he and his family gave many hours of time to the organizing and co-ordination of activities at the 1969 GA.

D.J. FitzGerald was National Secretary 1974-77 and received the Service Award in 1975. Since retiring from his position as a senior analyst working in computer systems design in 1989, he and his wife have been enjoying the fall and winter months in Florida.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

Further Reading

  • R.A.S.C. Papers- Lunar Model Construction, JRASC (October 1962) with Vern Ramsay
Fitzgerald, Diarmuid J.