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  • (1960–2005) Ray Thompson's observatory at 7 Welton Street, Maple, Ontario.

  • (1900?–33?) Rev. Dr. Marsh's observatory on Aberdeen Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario.

  • (1900?–53?) An observatory owned (sequentially) by two Toronto members.

  • (1979–2016) Leo Enright's observatory at Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

  • (1960?–69?) Terry Dickinson's observatory in Toronto.

  • (1904-90) An active member of the Hamilton Centre.

  • (1846-1930) Math teacher at Upper Canada College, later a lawyer; Society President (1896-97).

  • (1916–94) An active Saskatoon Centre member; Service Award 1982.

  • (1893-1988) DAO astronomer. Society President (1940).

  • (1941-) A longtime professor of Astronomy at U of T Erindale, well known for his work in variable stars and astronomy education. Society President (1978-80), and Observer's Handbook editor (1971-81). Recipient of the RASC Gold Medal in 1962 and Service Award in 1977.

  • (1872-1965) An longtime active Victoria Centre member; Service Award 1961.

  • (1906-66) DAO astronomer and member of the Victoria Centre.

  • (1904-) An active member of the Centre français de Montréal. Received the Service Award in 1966.

  • (1865-1941) J.S. Plaskett played a pivotal role in the establishment of astrophysical research in Canada and helped to confirm the rotation rate of the Milky Way. He was an active member of the Ottawa Centre between 1907 and 1918, acted as an Associate Editor of the Journal for 28 years...

  • (?-1985) An active member of the Hamilton Centre; received the Service Award in 1984.

  • (1831-19??) A longtime Toronto member and observer.

  • (1925-91) An active observer and member of the Toronto Centre; founding editor of 'Scope; received the Service Award in 1972.

  • The RASC's headquarters has moved around Toronto over the years:

  • (1913-86) Piano teacher and author. An active member of the St. John's Centre; received the Service Award in 1977.

  • (1914-2005) A doctor and active Winnipeg Centre member; meteor and solar observer. Received Service Award in 1971.


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