Honorary Member: Leif J. Robinson

Leif Robinson was Editor Emeritus of Sky & Telescope. He joined the magazine in 1962 and served as its Editor from 1980 until his retirement in 2000. Not only has Robinson made a major contribution to the dissemination of astronomical knowledge through nearly four decades at Sky & Telescope, but he remains active in matters astronomical and continues to write for that magazine. His tenure at Sky & Telescope saw the introduction of electronic calculators, personal computers, CCDs, the Internet, the placement of astronomical instruments in space, the opening of the entire electromagnetic spectrum to astronomy, and the advance of cosmology from a neglected backwater to a major field of research. As Lief Robinson has said, "Good science reporting ain't easy! At S&T we always work terribly hard to get it right." Astronomers, amateur and professional, are in his debt for a lifetime spent conveying astronomy to those who have the vision to appreciate the mystery and grandeur of the cosmos.

Deceased 2011 February 28.

Title/Given Name: 
Mr. Leif J.