Maurice Drolet

(1925-) An active Quebec Centre member and recipient of the Chant Medal in 1957.

MAURICE DROLET (1925-), a technical director at Quebec's Sacre-Coeur Hospital, received the Chant Medal in 1957 for his important work in popularizing astronomy on radio and television, and for organizing a very special eclipse expedition in 1954. Known as L'expédition Fleur de Lys, it was the first French-Canadian astronomical expedition and was hailed in the papers as a decisive step in Quebec science. Two years of preparation by Drolet and other members of the Quebec Centre preceded the event. Drolet planned to photograph the corona with a camera he had designed and built himself. The party of nine flew to the Ungava district in Quebec's far north in a plane provided by Hollinger Mines; the Quebec government and an anonymous donor provided additional funding. The undertaking achieved a great deal of publicity for the RASC, but ended in disappointment under overcast skies. The mayor of Quebec City hosted a civic reception for Drolet on his return from the expedition.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

Drolet, Maurice