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The Chant Medal of the Society was established in 1940 in appreciation of the great work of the late Prof. C. A. Chant in furthering the interests of astronomy in Canada. This medal is awarded, not more than once a year, to an amateur astronomer resident in Canada on the basis of the value of the work carried out in astronomy and closely allied fields of the original investigation and specifically not for the services of the Society, worthy though these may be.

Any two Society members may submit nominations for the award. Nominations should be sent to the Awards Committee chair by December 31. Use the fillable form below.

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Citations (PDF) are provided for those not published in JRASC.

2024 Warren Finlay Edmonton Citation
2020 Michel Duval Montréal Citation
2018 Peter Broughton Toronto Citation
2008 Geoff Gaherty* Toronto Citation
2006 Ed Majden Victoria JRASC
2002 Dr. Roy Bishop Halifax JRASC
2001 Richard Huziak Saskatoon JRASC | JRASC
1998 Bertus (Bert) Rhebergen Hamilton JRASC
1996 Dave Lane* Halifax JRASC
1995 Paul Boltwood* Ottawa JRASC
1993 Mary Lou Whitehorne Halifax JRASC
1989 Jack Newton Victoria JRASC
1988 Chris Spratt Victoria JRASC
1987 Damien Lemay Québec JRASC
1986 Warren Morrison Kingston JRASC
1980 David Levy Kingston JRASC
1979 Rolf G. Meier* Ottawa JRASC
1967 R.R. Thompson* Toronto JRASC
1959 Earl Milton* Edmonton  
1956 Maurice Drolet Québec JRASC
1955 Frank J. DeKinder* Montréal  
1953 Jean Naubert* CF de Montréal Citation
1951 DeLisle Garneau* CF de Montreal JRASC
1950 F. Keith Dalton* Toronto JRASC
1949 Frank Sisman* Hamilton JRASC | JRASC
1948 Isabel K. Williamson* Montréal JRASC
1945 Paul-H Nadeau* Québec  
1943 Cyril G. Wates* Edmonton JRASC | JRASC
1942 W.G. Colgrove* London JRASC
1941 H. Boyd Bryden* Victoria JRASC
1940 Bertram J. Topham* Toronto JRASC | JRASC

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