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2016 Board Election

The RASC Nominating Committee is seeking at least three candidates to run for the Board of Directors. Members of the Society Executive (President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, National Secretary, and Treasurer) will be drawn from the ranks of the new Board; candidates for Board positions should indicate if they wish to serve on the Executive and the position he or she wishes to fill.

Here are the rules for candidate eligibility as set out in the RASC Policy Manual:

Candidate Eligibility 

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Dr. Chris Gainor to edit Quest

Dr. Chris Gainor, the First Vice President of the RASC, will become editor of the prestigious quarterly Quest: the History of Spaceflight starting with issue 23, 2. Quest is the premier refeered periodical publication for the history of  all aspects of spaceflight.

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The Sky This Month - February 2016

Orion Battles the Bull,

The night sky is a collection of mythological stories derived millennia ago. None are more vividly portrayed than Orion the Hunter squaring off with Taurus the Bull. With his shield and club draw in defensive mode, Orion seems ready for the fierce battle with an outcome we will never know.   

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RASC General Assembly / AstroCats

This May the RASC will hold it's General Assembly in London alongside AstroCATS!

Please click here for more information!



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The Sky This Month - January 2016

The River Eridanus,

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The RASC welcomes Governor General David Johnston as its Patron

To Members of the RASC.

We applied for viceregal patronage some time ago, and this week we are pleased to announce that:

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, has accepted to become Patron of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Patronage has the following requirements. The organization must:

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Thunder Bay Centre Names an Exoplanet



Thunder Bay Amateur Astronomers Name a Planet

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The Sky This Month - December 2015

A Long Awaited Comet

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The Sky This Month - November 2015

The Great Square

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