Northcott Lecture

Ruth Northcott Memorial Lecture

Ruth Northcott (Photo by Doug Hube)The Ruth Northcott Memorial Lecture is sponsored by the RASC. It is held biennially (in odd-numbered years), usually after the Awards Banquet at the General Assembly. Selection of the speaker is made by the President of the Society and the Chair of the local organizing committee hosting the General Assembly. The speaker is expected to submit the lecture for publication in the Journal of the RASC within three months of the lecture.

The General Assembly Organizing Committee shall have the responsibility for the local arrangements, including the publicity through the local media. Additionally, publicity is sent to local educational institutions, science clubs, libraries, etc., and to neighbouring Centres of the RASC, with the request that an announcement of the lecture be posted and/or included in their newsletters or notices.

The presentation of the lecture will be preceded by an introduction, normally given by the President of the host Society, which shall make particular mention of the contributions made by Ruth Northcott to astronomical research and education

In Depth:


Year Hosting Centre Speaker Topic/Reference
2015 Halifax Dr. Rob Thacker Galactic Archaeology: Raiders of the Lost Galaxy
2013 Thunder Bay Dr. Raymond Carlberg Canada and the Thirty Metre Telescope
2011 Winnipeg  Dr. Christine Wilson ALMA project
2009 Saskatoon  Alan Dyer Celebrating the Sky
2007 Calgary Ray Villard Hubble Space Telescope's Legacy
2005 Okanagan Dr. Jaymie Matthews MOST: Canada's Humble Space Telescope
2003 Vancouver Dr. Gordon Walker Cosmic Rainbows - the Treasure in Astronomical Spectra
2001 London Dr. William K. Hartmann Mars and Monet: Artists on the Space Frontier [JRASC]
1999 Toronto Dr. Geoff Marcy Planets Around Other Stars
1997 Kingston Dr. Eugene Shoemaker Impact Cratering Though Geologic Time [JRASC]
1995 Windsor Carolyn Shoemaker Comet Impact - Lessons Learned [JRASC]
1993 Halifax Dr. David Levy The Art of Comet Hunting, Part II [JRASC]
1991 Vancouver B. Tryggvason Manned Space Flight
1989 Sydney W. Cannon RADIOASTRON, The International Radio Astronomy Satellite, Canada's Participation
1987 Toronto J. Ingram The Vinland Map
1985 Edmonton R.E. Folinsbee Meteorites and their Collectors. Close Encounters
1983 Quebec H. Reeves La fleche du temps en astronomie [Audio]
1981 Victoria Dr. J.E. Hesser Below the Tip: New Controversies in Globular Cluster Star Research [JRASC]
1979 London G.K. O'Neill Space Colonization
1976 Calgary J.L. Locke The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
1974 Winnipeg P.W. Hodge The Six Steps [Audio]
1970 Edmonton J.F. Heard Stellar Radial Velocities & Spectroscopic Binaries [JRASC]


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