Observing Resources

The following selected resources are of interest to observers.

Sky, Cloud and Darkness

  • US Naval Observatory Ephemerides (Sun rise/set, Moon rise/set, astronomical twilight, Moon phases and more).
  • Dark Sky Calculator - Interactive applet, from RASC member Larry McNish, to calculate dark skies taking moonlight into account.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Calculator - Web applet that allows you to calculate today's sunrise and sunset times for your location
  • Astronomical Time - What time is it? Using your PC`s time settnigs, dynamically displays your Local and Local Sidereal time, UTC, Greenwich Sidereal Time and Julian Date includes Night Vision mode, courtesy Larry McNish.
  • Dark Sky Finder - Jonathan Tomshines great site of Light Pollution overlays on Google Maps.

Observing Projects

  • Terry Adrians' Deep-Sky Challenge Objects Chart (820kb 10 pages) - Designed for observers who want to go beyond the Finest NGC program
  • Terry Adrians' Dark Nebula Charts (400kb 4 pages)
  • Terry Adrian's Dark Nebula and DSC Objects (10 kb .zip file) - These plugins for the Starry Night planetarium program will allow you to chart the Deep Sky Challenge and Dark Nebula items
  • Messier Marathon Planner - Need help planning a Messier Marathon? Dynamically tailors and generates a Marathon observing list, courtesy Larry McNish.
  • Night Observing Planner - Need help planning a night's observing list for yourself or because the in-laws are suddenly coming over? Dynamically tailors and generates an observing list from over 600 objects, courtesy Larry McNish.
  • Ace Amateur Astronomer Tony Schellink (Halifax Centre) created this outreach program for RASC members interested in coaching absolute beginners to get started with observing, using binoculars. A special list for every month. Find 5 things—earn a certificate! Feel free to download and use locally.

Current Events / Observing Opportunities

Newspaper Columns by RASC Members

Column Columnist (Centre) Circulation Area Province
What's Up in the Sky Fred Barrett (Kingston) Frontenac Township Ontario
... James Edgar ()   Saskatchewan

Amateur Radio Astronomy Links

Amateur Observatories


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