Past Honorary Members

Honorary Membership was limited to 10 from 1890-1900, and to 15 from 1901 onwards. Corresponding Membership was a lesser class of Honoris causa membership in the early years. A few honorary members, such as Barnard, were first made corresponding members for a short time before being recommissioned as honorary members.

Nation(s) Startsort ascending End
Terby, M. François J. Belgium 1894 1911
von Struvé, Dr. Otto Wilhelm Russia 1894 1899
Vogel, Dr. Hermann C. Germany 1894 1907
Pickering, Dr. Edward Charles, OPM USA 1894 1919
Maunder, Mr. Edward Walter United Kingdom 1894 1928
Langley, Dr. Samuel Pierpont USA 1894 1906
Henry, M. Paul France 1894 1905
Espin, Rev. Thomas Espinell United Kingdom 1894 1934
McLeod, Dr. Clement Henry Canada 1894 1917
Ball, Dr. Sir Robert Stawell United Kingdom 1894 1913


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