Raymond Auclair

(1952-) A longtime National member of the Society, and organizer of the 1989 General Assembly.

RAYMOND AUCLAIR (1952-), because of his career with the Canadian Coast Guard, has found it difficult to become attached to any Centre of the RASC. But even as a Member at Large, he has contributed substantially to the Society and as a result received the Service Award in 1989.

Captain Auclair joined the RASC in 1969 and became a Life Member in 1973. At least since 1981, he has attended most National Council meetings, formally as an observer, but in reality as a strong advocate of the interests of National Members. He conducted a survey in 1981 to find out the prevailing attitudes and ideas of his Canadian counterparts and has since actively served on a number of national RASC Committees. Fluently bilingual, he has reviewed books for the Journal, contributed articles in English to the Bulletin and in French to Quebec Astronomique, and spoken at a number of General Assemblies. Navigation is naturally one of his major interests, but whatever topic he tums to, his presentations always sparkle with his lively sense of humour. Even his unfortunate appendectomy during a trip to Soviet observatories has become a legendary story among those who heard his account.

In 1989 he broke new ground by organizing the first General Assembly to be hosted by National Members. Volunteers came from the Cape Breton Astronomical Society and from the Coast Guard College where he was Chief of Training. His enthusiasm, energy and organizational skill made the event highly successful.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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