Education & Public Outreach

Committee Purpose

The Education and Outreach Committee’s purpose is to oversee, in accordance with the policies determined by the Board, the activities of the Society in the field of education for RASC members, Centres, and the public. The committee recommends and develops tools, materials and events for Centres to promote knowledge and understanding of astronomy in general and Canadian astronomy in particular.


The committee is accountable to the Board and reports directly to the Board a minimum of two times a year, or as required. The committee will supply copies of its plans, minutes, reports, and other documents, including numbers reached through its activities, to the Board upon request. The committee will provide an annual report to the National Council.


The committee has the authority to:

  • Collect, synthesize, and disseminate information of an educational nature to members and the public across Canada
  • Encourage and foster the promotion and learning of astronomy in Canada
  • Recommend and develop educational tools, materials and events for use by Centres and the National Society
  • Recommend and assist in the planning of society-wide educational events aimed at members and the public

Staff Support

Staff provides support to the committee through full professional and administrative services at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Committee Membership

The committee will consist of at least one Director, and up to nine additional Society members, plus the Society President ex officio.


The chairperson shall be appointed annually by the Board.

Term of Appointment

Members will be appointed annually by the Board.

Frequency of Meetings

At the call of the chair or at least two times per year.

Education and Outreach Committee includes a
Formal Education Working Group


To ensure that the RASC has a presence in the formal educational landscape in Canada, the Formal Education group will work as a sub-group of the Education and Outreach Committee. This working group will be comprised of members of the Education and Outreach Committee with a particular interest and expertise in working with formal educational groups.  These are defined as groups that have specific curriculum outcomes relating to astronomy and which are often at specific age, ability and understanding levels. Such groups include include elementary, secondary and post-secondary teachers and students, scouts and guides groups, etc. The Working Group will advise and develop educational tools, materials and events in partnership with the National Society staff, as well as seek out partners to help deliver these to formal education audiences.


The Formal Education Working Group is accountable to the Education and Outreach Committee, reporting its activities, including numbers reached, at least twice a year.


The Working Group has the authority to:

  • Identify national, regional, and provincial opportunities for RASC involvement with formal education about astronomy.
  • Recommend and advise in the development of educational tools, materials and events for use by Centres and the National Society to work with formal education audiences
  • Act as a liaison between the Society, governments and potential partner organizations on matters affecting formal astronomy and science education in Canada


At least 2 members shall be appointed from the Education and Outreach Committee. Members from outside the Education and Outreach committee can be appointed by the Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee as needed.

Education Group Chair: appointed from among the Education and Outreach Committee members.

Contact Information

To reach the committee, you may e-mail the Education & Public Outreach Committee Chair.

Committee Members - Effective October 2022

  • Lauri Roche (Victoria) - Chair
  • Michael Watson ex officio (President, National Member)
  • Brendon Roy (Thunder Bay) - Board Liaison
  • Christa Van Laerhoven (Yukon)
  • Karim Jaffer (Montreal)
  • Kirsten Vanstone (Toronto)
  • Lucas Kuhn (Toronto)
  • Ron MacNaughton (Toronto)
  • Douglas Schellinck (Halifax)
  • Jo Ann Salci (National Member)
  • *Samantha Jewett

* Non-voting