Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Events

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50th Anniversary of Apollo 11


July 20th, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. As we reach for the moon and beyond once more, science centres and RASC centres across the country will be celebrating this momentous occasion!

For more information on the anniversary, click here.

To follow along with the mission in real time, check out Apolloinrealtime.org. Be sure to read the instructions for clarity.

On Sunday, July 7th, 2019, the moon will be in the same phase as it was when Apollo 11 landed. To find the Apollo 11 landing site (and all other Apollo landing sites), follow these instructions. On July 7th, these sites will be very close to the terminator, or the line between daytime (light) and nighttime (dark) on the moon. The Apollo 11 mission chose to land near the terminator as there would be long shadows cast by rocks that might be in the way of their landing. This worked out for their benefit, as Neil Armstrong did in fact have to take manual control of the Lunar Module and land several hundred feet down range of where they had planned.


Online Events


Canadian Space Agency

July 20th, 1pm EDT

The Moon: where memory and ambition take flight!

On , join Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Robert Thirsk, 50 years after the historic Moon landing, as they reflect on the extraordinary legacy of the Apollo lunar missions and look ahead to Canada's journey to the Moon – to stay.

David Saint-Jacques (at the Montreal Science Centre) and Robert Thirsk (at the Ontario Science Centre) will connect by video link to discuss the proud history and unfolding future of human space exploration. The discussion will be followed by a question-and-answer period with David Saint-Jacques.

 Watch the livestream on CSA's YouTube channel or Facebook page.


Montreal, QC


Montreal Cosmodome, Laval (to be confirmed)

July 20th

Apollo 11 event with crater sketching, solar telescopes and a talk.


Montreal Science Centre

July 20th, 1pm EDT

NOTICE: This event is currently sold out. You can watch the interview online here.

The Moon: where memory and ambition take flight!

On July 20, 2019, join Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Robert Thirsk, 50 years after the historic Moon landing, as they reflect on the extraordinary legacy of the Apollo lunar missions and look ahead to Canada’s journey to the Moon – to stay.

David Saint-Jacques (at the Montreal Science Centre) and Robert Thirsk (at the Ontario Science Centre) will connect by video link to discuss the proud history and unfolding future of human space exploration. The discussion will be followed by a question-and-answer period with David Saint-Jacques.



Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan

July 20th, 10pm

Revivez 50 ans plus tard, à la même heure précisément, les trois moments historiques de la mission Apollo 11; le décollage de la fusée Saturn V, l'alunissage, le premier pas d'Armstrong et le retour sur Terre. Animations et interprétations devant un mur d'écrans sont au rendez-vous!

  • Décollage : 16 juillet 9 h 32 (présenté dans la zone gratuite)
  • Alunisage : 20 juillet 22 h 56 (événement débute à 22 h | 18+ | billets disponibles en ligne.)
  • Amerissage : 24 juillet 12 h 51 (présenté dans la zone gratuite)


Ottawa, ON


Canadian Museum of Nature

July 20th, 10am - 4pm

Join us for our special 50th anniversary celebration. We’re excited to welcome astronaut Jeremy Hansen from the Canada Space Agency who will give a brief presentation. It will be followed by a special, live video chat between David St-Jacques and Bob Thirsk. St-Jacques is a Canadian astronaut who recently returned from a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station. He’ll speak via YouTube to former astronaut Bob Thirsk who holds the Canadian records for the longest space flight and the most time spent in space.

In the Queens’ Lantern under the giant moon, meet museum scientists and learn about meteorites and botany in outer space!

Find out more here. Cost is included with admission to the museum.


London, ON


Cronyn Observatory, Western University campus

July 20th, 5 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

RASC London Centre will be on hand with Western University faculty and students at the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory for an Apollo 11 50th anniversary event on Saturday July 20th. Family-friendly activities start at 17:00. Presentations begin at 19:30. Until 20:30, youngsters and their families can navigate a lunar crater with a Lego rover, touch a real Moon rock, or experience Apollo 11 in Virtual Reality. You can also take a selfie with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and David Saint-Jacques on the Moon, and enjoy our fun and informative displays about the Moon, Apollo 11, and Canada's contributions.

Weather permitting, there will be safe viewing opportunities of the Sun in the afternoon and stargazing in the evening. Check the detailed schedule here and the press release here.


Saint John, NB



Moonlight Bazaar

July 20th, 7pm - 1am

Music, food, art, and creative performances blended together into one unique experience! An evening reminiscent of a night bazaar, accented by the chaos of unrelated activities - fire throwing, fortune telling, belly dancing, and theatrical vignettes. A stand-alone outdoor street festival unlike any other in the landscape of Canadian events. Instagram it or it didn't happen!

The signature element of the Bazaar is the enormous seven metre inflated moon that looms over the centre of the streets, suspended approximately four metres in the air from the top of two buildings. So cool!!

RASC NB are partners for this event and will be projecting video from the moon landing. Find out more on Moonlight Bazaar's Facebook page and Instagram. Keep an eye on RASC NB member Chris Curwin's page Astronomy by the Bay, as he may be going live that evening as well!


St John's, NL


Johnson Geo Centre

July 20th, 10am - 4pm

St. John's Centre is partnering with the Johnson Geo Centre for an Apollo 11 50th anniversary event on Saturday July 20th. 10 AM - 4 PM. Included are Solar Observing, Planetarium show, Facebook Live session with the Ontario science Centre, featuring interview with Astronaut Bob Thirsk and from Montreal Science Centre with Astronaut David Saint-Jaques on ISS. Astronaut Joshua Kutryk will visit for the afternoon with CSA rep Carmille Delacour with audience interaction and Q & A. Find out more here.

We're expecting an exciting day.


Toronto, ON


Aga Khan Museum - Bettina Forget Talk and Workshop

July 20th, 11am - 4pm

NOTICE: The workshop portion of this event is now full.

Imagine you’re on a lunar base, ready explore to the Moon. Your mission is to document a region of the Moon of your choice – maybe the Ocean of Storms, the Sea of Tranquility, the Peninsula of Thunder, or the Bay of Rainbows. What will you find there?

The Moon Mission workshop, led by Bettina Forget, inspires participants to dive into research, fire up their imagination, and experiment with new forms of expression to create a piece that bridges art and science using a range of materials. This workshop is now full.

Join artist and scholar Bettina Forget for a talk bridging art, space science, and the timely topic of women’s representation. Find out more and book your ticket here.



Aga Khan Museum - Moon Landing Festival

July 20th, 12pm - 10pm

July 21st, 12pm - 6pm

At 10:56 pm on July 20, 1969, humans first set foot on the moon, expanding the limits of humanity. Now to celebrate 50 years since that milestone, we’re hosting a two-day festival, featuring live music, a food fair, artisan market, and family-friendly activities. Join us for a weekend full of lunar-inspired fun! For all the details on offerings, click here.

On Saturday, RASC Toronto Centre will be providing solar observing during the day and planetary and stellar observing in the evening.

Worried about transit and parking? Worry no more! There's a free shuttle bus making several pick-ups across the city. Find out more here.



David Dunlap Observatory

July 20th, 9pm - 11:30pm

NOTICE: this event is currently sold out. You may place your name on a waitlist.

Families will be introduced to the wonders of astronomy through a presentation on a variety of exciting astronomy topics, followed by age-appropriate celestial activities and a demonstration of the 74" telescope. If the sky is clear the dome will be opened and the telescope pointed to an interesting celestial object for the visitors to view. All participating family members must be registered and any participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult. Please wear/bring appropriate supplies for being outdoors and arrive 15 minutes prior to the program start time in order to be signed in.

Cost 0-14: $14.50, 15+: $16.39. Tickets available online here.

Organized by RASC Toronto Centre.



SpaceTime - Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto

July 20th, 6:30 - 8:30pm, doors open at 6pm

Join us on July 20th for SpaceTime, an all-ages inclusive celebration of space, curiosity, and discovery. We'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing--the very first time humans walked on another world. There will be short, inspiring talks by astronomers and space scientists, games, giveaways, and a whole lot of Instagram-worthy Moon-themed decor.

Join us in the beautiful Ada Slaight Hall at the Daniels Spectrum on Dundas St. The venue is fully accessible, and sign language interpretation will be provided. Guests of all ages are welcome, but the content is geared toward audiences 12+. Find out more here.

Daniels Spectrum 585 Dundas Street East

Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

(Dundas Street E & Sackville)



Ontario Science Centre

July 20th all day and evening

Celebrate this giant leap for humankind. A space-filled day packed with astronaut appearances, space-themed design and engineering challenges, an exclusive film premiere of LANDER, a documentary about Owen Maynard, the Canadian engineer who contributed to the design of NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar lander (watch the trailer here), observe the night sky at one of our classic star parties, featuring speakers, telescopes, storytellers and more (including a talk by the RASC Executive Director, Randy Attwood). Former Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk will be interviewing current Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques (at the Montreal Science Centre) via webcast at 1pm.

Event cost is included with cost of admission to the Science Centre. Find out more details here. Star party is free. Parking is $10 for the day.



York University

July 16th-18th, 9pm to midnight

It was 50 years ago this July that the first man walked on the Moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission. Come celebrate that lunar achievement at a free event with York University’s Allan I. Carswell Observatory team in the Faculty of Science, from July 16 to 18.

Multiple telescopes will be set up on top of the Arboretum Parking Garage at the William Small Centre for observing the Moon and other celestial objects each night from 9 p.m. to midnight.

The screening of Apollo 11 will take place nightly at 8 p.m. in Room 317 of the Petrie Science & Engineering Building, Keele Campus. Hourly presentations on Lunar Exploration will follow, starting at 9:30 p.m. each night.

Find more information here.

Vancouver, BC


H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

July 20th, 9:30 - 11:30am PDT

Join us for “Apollo 50”, a very special event in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. We will be livestreaming with retired Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk from the Ontario Science Centre and astronaut David Saint-Jacques at the Montreal Science Centre. Science Centres across Canada will be joining in to watch the livestream as these astronauts talk about Apollo 11, David’s recent return to Earth after living on the International Space Station for six months, and future missions to the Moon. Canadian astronaut in training Jenni Sidey-Gibbons will also be here to talk about her experiences in the space program and answer some of your questions.

Find out more and reserve your seats here.


Victoria, BC


Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

July 20th, 7:30 - 11:00pm PDT

A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing! Replaying the first moon walk with live commentary by noted space historian Chris Gainor!

This event is hosted by the Friends of the DAO. Find out more here.