Astronomy in Canada

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Edited by Ruth Northcott

Astronomy in Canada K.O. Wright Astronomy in Canada
The Growth of the R.A.S.C. and its Guiding Mentor C.A. Chant Ruth J. Northcott
Astronomy of Time and Position Malcolm M. Thomson
Of Stars and the Galaxy Alan H. Batten
Astronomy at the David Dunlap Observatory
John F. Heard
and Helen Sawyer Hogg
Stars Fall Over Canada
Peter M. Millman
and D.W.R. McKinley
Impact Craters of the Earth and Moon
C.S. Beals
and Ian Halliday
The Development of Solar Microwave Radio Astronomy in Canada A.E. Covington
Recent Developments of Radio Astronomy in Canada J.L. Locke


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