Beginner's Observing Guide

Note: The Beginner's Observing Guide is Out of Print

Beginner's Observing Guide

An Introduction to the Night Sky for the Novice Stargazer
by Leo Enright
Foreword by David Levy

Edited by Mary Lou Whitehorne

6th Edition

Leo Enright died unexpectedly in August 2009. He had just completed work on the 6th edition days before his death; the updates were in the hands of the graphic designer. With the blessing of his family, the RASC has completed publication and is pleased to present the newly revised 6th edition.

At last! An easy to follow guide to the sky that provides essential information in a non-technical way - the basic information about:

  • The motion of the heavens
  • The position of objects in the sky
  • The brightness of heavenly objects
  • Finding your direction from the stars
  • The names of the brightest stars
  • The naming systems for stars
  • What to make of the constellations
  • How to read star maps
  • Observing the Moon and its phases
  • Observing "unaided-eye" variable stars
  • Observing meteors and meteor showers
  • Observing comets, aurorae, and the zodiacal light
  • Observing the Sun safely
  • Recording observations quickly and easily
  • Month-by-month star maps that are easy to read
  • Numerous tips on becoming a better observer
  • Practical exercises to develop observing skills
  • Special information about binocular observing
  • Information about when to buy a telescope
  • Considerations to remember when buying a telescope
  • Recommended sources of additional information
  • A helpful glossary of astronomical terms
  • Answers to questions asked by beginning observers
  • An appendix that lists:
    • the 88 constellations
    • Solar System data for both the Sun & planets
    • the 30 brightest stars
    • 10 variable stars to be observed with the "un-aided eye"
    • the 10 nearest "unaided-eye" stars

A user-friendly format intended for use outdoors:

  • star maps that fold out
  • a binding that allows the book to lie flat
  • space to record observing notes at the end 


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