Franklin Loehde

(1936-) A longtime Edmonton Centre member and Society President (1982-84).

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John Percy

(1941-) A longtime professor of Astronomy at U of T Erindale, well known for his work in variable stars and astronomy education. Society President (1978-80), and Observer's Handbook editor (1971-81). Recipient of the RASC Gold Medal in 1962 and Service Award in 1977.

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Lloyd Higgs

(1937-) Radio astronomer, JRASC Editor (1976-80), Society President (1988-90).

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Ray Thompson

(1923-2015) An accomplished observer and member of the Toronto Centre; recipient of the Chant Medal in 1967.

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Jack Locke

(1921-2010) Radio astronomer and President of the Society (1972-74).

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Malcolm Thomson

(1908-2002) RASC National President (1966-1968) during Canada's Centenary, Chief of the Positional Astronomy and Time Service (1957-1966), and Chief of the Astronomy Division (1966-1970) at the Dominion Observatory. When the DO closed, he became head of the NRC's Time and Frequency Section of the Physics Division (for more information, see http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2002BAAS...34.1385H.) —RAR

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Hamilton Trillium Grant

In 2003, the Trillium Foundation awarded the Hamilton Centre with approximately $75,000 to go toward the purchase of advanced equipment to do public outreach and amateur research. This resulted in the installation of an advanced 16 Richey-Chretien telescope on a Software Bisque Paramount and an SBIG STL-11000M CCD Camera, as well as the purchase of a portable colour projector for presentations, and some related items.

RASC Hamilton Centre
Photo by Colin Haig 2004-03-03

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