16.2019117 4.25-inch “Deluxe Space Conquerer [sic]” (Palomar Type)

  1. catalogue number: 16.2019117;
  2. name of artifact: 4.25-inch “Deluxe Space Conquerer [sic]” (Palomar Type), f/10;
  3. date of production: 1950s-early 1960s;
  4. materials of manufacture: optical glass, coatings, steel, copper alloy, plastic, enamel;
  5. maker: Edmund Scientific, Barrington NJ;
  6. provenance:
    1. RASC Montreal Centre;
    2. Geoff Gaherty, Foxmead Observatory, Coldwater ON;
    3. gift of Blake Nancarrow, Bradford ON;
  7. condition: good;
  8. notes: these instruments were in production with minor variations from the 1950s-1970s. The primary mirror is spherical. This instrument is coterminous with the active planetary patrols by Montreal Centre members in the late 1950s and early 1960s, whose principal investigator (to use an anachronism) was Geoff Gaherty. The observing records are in the RASC Archives (www.rasc.ca/mars-sketches-1958 ; www.rasc.ca/jupiter-1959-60 ; www.rasc.ca/mars-1960-61 ; www.rasc.ca/venus-1960-61);
  9. literature:
    • Edmund Scientific Co., Edmund Catalog no. 623: Science, Math, Optics (Barrington NJ: Edmund Scientific Co., 1962-1963), pp. 12-13.


DTM_ 16.2019117
DTM_ 16.2019117
DTM_ 16.2019117
DTM_ 16.2019117
DTM_ 16.2019117
4.25-inch Deluxe Space Conquerer
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4.25-inch Deluxe Space Conquerer
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4.25-inch Deluxe Space Conquerer