17.2019124 Rogers-Zeglinski 12-inch f/8 reflector

  1. catalogue number: 17.2019124;
  2. name of artifact: Rogers-Zeglinski 12-inch f/8 reflector;
  3. date of production: 1926-1929;
  4. materials of manufacture: optical glass, coatings, copper alloys, steels, iron, hardwood (oak), softwood, plastic, paper, paint;
  5. maker: H.L. (Henry Launder) Rogers (1887-1955), restored by Joseph Zeglinski, 1967/1970 (primary re-silvered by Jerry Longworth in the DDO vacuum chamber), and 2019;
  6. provenance:
    1. H.L. Rogers, Toronto ON;
    2. purchased by Joe Zeglinski in 1966 from the widow of J.(?) Rogers, H.L. Rogers’ son;
    3. donated by Joe Zeglinski in 2019;
  7. condition: excellent;
  8. notes: This is a monumental survival from the beginning of the golden age of the amateur telescope maker (ATM) in Canada. Note use of a golf club for the RA slow motion rod. According to Joe Zeglinski, Rogers' optics are excellent, and delivered memorably superb views of Jupiter, and M42;
  9. literature:


DTM_ 17.2019124
DTM_ 17.2019124
DTM_ 17.2019124
DTM_ 17.2019124
DTM_ 17.2019124
Rogers-Zeglinski 12-inch f/8 Reflector
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Rogers-Zeglinski 12-inch f/8 Reflector
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Rogers-Zeglinski 12-inch f/8 Reflector