Messier Catalogue

About the Messier Catalogue

Here is an overview of the Messier Catalogue:

Messier Objects Number Notes
Open Clusters 28 Includes many beautiful open clusters like M6, M7, The Beehive, The Pleiades, and The Wild Duck.
Globular Clusters 29 Includes the showpieces M13, M22, M5, and M3.
Bright Nebulae 8 Includes the great Orion Nebula as well as the Lagoon, Swan, Eagle, and Trifid Nebulae.
Planetary Nebulae 4 Includes the impressive Ring Nebula as well as the Dumbbell and Owl planetary nebulae.
Galaxies 40 Includes the amazing Andromeda Galaxy as well as M51, M33, M81/M82, and many others.
Double Stars 1 This is M40, an unusual Messier object.
Total 110  


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Find out details about RASC's Messier Catalogue certificate here.
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