PSP Speakers' & Topics

Speakers and topics from the beginning of the new program in 2010:

Centre Speaker Topic
Halifax Elder Murdena Marshall Mi'kmaq night sky story “Muin and the Seven Bear Hunters
London, Windsor, Hamilton, Sarnia Paul Gray Barnard's Dark Nebulae
Trials and Tribulations of a Supernova Hunter
Sunshine Coast Dr. Jaymie Matthews Where Will Avatar 2 Be Set? - The Real Science of Exotic Exoplanets
Toronto and Mississauga Wilfred Buck (Manitoba) First Nations Astronomy
Centre Speaker Topic
Sunshine Coast Bill Phillips Unravelling the mystery of 'Sagittarius A'
Saskatoon Dr. Aaron Price Citizen Science, IYA, and the AAVSO 100 years
Regina Alan Dyer Astrophotography on the Prairies
Kingston Patrice Scattolin Space Exploration From the Ground Up
Calgary Glen Fountain New Horizons
Centre Speaker Topic
Calgary Dr. P.Z. Myers Making Aliens
Sunshine Coast Bill Phillips Asteroids 101
Saskatoon Alan Dyer To the Ends of the Earth: Tales of the Transit of Venus
Regina Randall Rosenfeld Perceiving New Worlds: The Transit of Venus Across the Centuries
Hamilton Terry Dickinson The good years and the bad years of astronomy
Winnipeg Murray Paulson Meteorite Hunting
Halifax Tim Doucette Deep-Sky Eye
Vancouver Sara Seager Exoplanets
Victoria Ken Tapping Recent Developments in Solar Research
Centre Speaker Topic
New Brunswick James Edgar Synthesis of Elements in Stars
Sunshine Coast Stanley Yen Missing Solar Neutrinos
Sunshine Coast Bill Phillips History of Man-made Satellites
Ontario Various (Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga, Hamilton) and Montréal David Levy A Nightwatchman's Journey
Victoria Debra Fischer Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Regina Peter McMahon Wilderness Astronomy
Date Centre Speaker/Topic
Jan 27 Vancouver Dr. Nancy Chabot / Messenger Mission
Mar 15 Calgary Bonnie Buratti / The Rosetta Mission
Apr 13 Sunshine Coast Stanley Yen / Supernova Neutrinos
Jul 12 Mississauga Andrew Chaikin / Apollo 8
Aug 06 Sunshine Coast Sarah Pearce / Life in the Solar System
Aug 24 Yukon Charles Ennis / Making Starry Nights
Sep 02 Sunshine Coast Dr. Sean Dougherty / Canada's Telescopes
Sep 02 Sunshine Coast Dr. Jeremy Heyl / Precision Astronomy
Sep 03 Sunshine Coast Leigh Cummings / Mars Exploration
Sep 03 Winnipeg Paul Gray / Dark Nebulae
Sep 14 Sunshine Coast Richard Shaw / CHIME
Sep 21 Yukon Chris Gainor / Hubble Space Telescope
Oct 12 Ontario X 4 James Edgar / Synthesis of Elements in Stars
Oct 20 New Brunswick Dave Chapman / In Search of the 13th Mi'qmaw Moon
Nov 05 Sunshine Coast Bill Wall / Large Millimetre Telescope Alfonso Serano
Nov 08 New Brunswick Doug Cunningham / The Poetic Experience of Astronomy
Dec 10 Sunshine Coast Chris Gainor / Hubble Space Telescope
Dec 10 Sunshine Coast Sarah Savic Kallesoe / Neils Bohr Institute

$3424.11 was reimbursed to speakers (6 speakers waived payment).

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