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  • (1880-1962) A specialist in terrestrial magnetism, and President of the Society (1922-23).

  • Hyperactive London Centre member. Service Award 1984. National President (2004-06).

  • Robert is a Canadian astronomy researcher working at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii. Jedicke's expertise is analysing observations and theoretical dynamics of the population of asteroids in the solar system, particularly mini-moons near Earth's orbit...

  • (1884-1959) Methodist minister and mathematician. He was a Hamilton Centre member and Society President (1945-46).

  • (1895-1984) Professor in the University of Alberta Mathematics Department; Edmonton Centre member; Service Award 1965.

  • (1922-99) A keen visual observer; discoverer of Kemble's Cascade.

  • (1880-19??) A longtime Toronto Centre member and the Society's National Secretary (1935-58).

  • (1916-99) Associate professor of physics at the University of New Brunswick and later the University of Saskatchewan. Society Secretary (1958-64) and President (1968-70). Received a Service Award in 1970.

  • (1885-1973) Saskatoon and Toronto Centre member. Director of the telescope makers group in Toronto. Received the Service award in 1962.

  • (1886-1963) Mathematician at U of Manitoba and Western U. Involved with Winnipeg and London Centres.

  • (19??-??) A founding member of the Centre français de Montréal. She received the Service Award in 1960.

  • (1920-2004) An longtime active member of the Windsor Centre; received the Service Award in 1984.

  • A Québec Centre member and avid astrophotographer. Chant Medal 1987. National President (1990-92).

  • (1948-) Possibly the RASC's most famous member and most active observer. Received the Chant Medal in 1980 and the Simon Newcomb Award in 2002.

  • (1907-73) A charter member of the Calgary Centre; received the Service Award in 1966.

  • (1921-2010) Radio astronomer and President of the Society (1972-74).

  • (1936-2023) A longtime Edmonton Centre member and Society President (1982-84).

  • (1915-98) NRC chemist and active Ottawa Centre member. Received the Service Award in 1973.

  • (1847-1903) Corresponding Secretary (1890-99) and President of the Society (1900-01).

  • (1915-2003) An active observer, and founding member of the Niagara Centre in 1960; recipient of the Service Award in 1984.


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