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The earliest RASC publications on archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy, as mentioned in the podcast, are:

Arthur Harvey, "The Pythagorean Philosophy", Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto (TAPST=RASC) for the Year 1893 (1894), 45-56

Edward A. Meredith,"Virgil on the Time to Sow Seeds, etc.", TAPST for the Year 1893 (1894), 113

W. Balfour Musson, "Mythology of Jupiter", TAPST for the Year 1894 (1895), 1-4

W. Balfour Musson, "Ancient Theories of Motion and the Cosmos", TAPST for the Year 1898 (1899), 79-88

Arthur Harvey, "Astronomy, in Infancy, Youth and Maturity", TAPST for the Year 1899 (1900), 67-95

J.C. Hamilton, "Stellar Legends of the American Indians", The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Transactions for 1905 (1906), 47-50

J.G. Griffin, "Australian Aboriginal Astronomy", Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 17, 4 (1923 May), 156-163

R.G. Haliburton's very curious New Materials for the History of Man—The Festival of the Dead (RASC: Toronto, 1920) can be found here.

A recent assessment of Haliburton's work, and how the RASC came to reissue it under its imprimatur, is
R.A. Rosenfeld, "The Pleiades, the Deluge, and the Dead: How the RASC Became a Publisher of Anthropology in the Service of Theology", JRASC 113, 3 (2019 June), 98-104.

The most notable follower of Haliburton's astronomical anthropology is Ernst von Bunsen, Plejaden und der Thierkreis oder: Das Geheimniss des Symbole (Berlin: Verlag von Mitscher & Röstell, 1879), and a brief assessemnt of the contribution of that work to Aryan ideology is in M. Hattstein, "Aryanism", in The Holocaust: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection, ed. P.R. Bartrop & M. Dickerman, I (Santa Barbara CA-Denver CO: ABC CLIO, 2017), pp. 44-47, at 46.

A letter generation of more palatable (although by no means modern) cultural astronomy published by the RASC is represenetd by works such as:

Anton Pannekoek, "Astrology and its Influence upon the Development of Astronomy", JRASC 24, 4 (1930 April), 159-176

Roy K. Marshall, "Ludendorff's Studies in the Astronomy of the Mayas", JRASC 27, 1 (1933 January), 11-26

E.M. Antoniadi, "On Ancient Meteorites, and the Origin of the Crescent and Star Emblem", JRASC 33, 5 (1939 May-June), 177-184

E.M. Antoniadi, "On the Identity of the Sun with the Middle Fire of the Pythagoreans", JRASC 34, 4 (1940 April), 146-151

More recent examples of cultrual astronomy in the RASC are:

Frank Dempsey, "Aboriginal Canadian Sky Lore of the Big Dipper", JRASC 102, 2 (2008 April), 59-61

Frank Dempsey, "Aboriginal Sky Lore of the Constellation Orion in North America", JRASC 103, 2 ( 2009 April), 65-67 

Frank Dempsey, "Aboriginal Sky Lore of the Pleiades Star Group in North America" JRASC 103, 6 (2009 December), 233-235

David M.F. Chapman & Cathy Jean LeBlanc, "In Search of the 13th Mi'kmaw Moon", JRASC 111, 1 (2017 February), 10-15

—R.A. Rosenfeld

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