AGM 2023


Annual General Meeting

of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Sunday June 25, 2023
13:00 - 16:45 EDT
10:00 - 13:45 PDT

The meeting will take place virtually via Zoom.




1. Call to Order - Approval of the Agenda (13:00 EDT)

2. Approval of Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting (13:05)

(Draft Minutes Linked Below)

3. Report of the President (13:10)

4. Discussion of the Society's Current Situation and Financial Condition (13:20)

5. Reports of Officers (14:00)

Secretary (Eric Briggs), Treasurer (Catherine Carr)

6. Reports of the National Council and Permanent Committees (14:15)

(Please refer to the written Annual Report 2022 for committee and centre reports)

The National Council (Judy Black, chair)
AstroImaging (Stuart Heggie), Awards (Robyn Foret), Constitution (Michael Watson), Education (Lauri Roche), Editorial Board (Dr. Chris Gainor), History (Randall Rosenfeld), Inclusivity and Diversity (Roland Dechesne), Information Technology (Walter MacDonald), Light-Pollution Abatement (Bob King), NextGen RASC (Ivan Tockovski), Nominating (Michael Watson), Observing (Blake Nancarrow)

7. Reports of Other Committees (15:15)

Dorner Telescope Museum (Randall Rosenfeld), Robotic Telescope (Jenna Hinds), Solar Eclipse (Randy Attwood), General Assemblies (Randy Attwood), Software Training (Blake Nancarrow)

8. Presentation and Approval of Audited 2022 Financial Statements (15:35)

9. Approval of By-Law Amendments (15:55)

(By-Law Amendments Linked Below)

10. Election of Directors (16:10)

Candidate Statement 1

Candidate Statement 2

Candidate Statement 3

Candidate Statement 4

Candidate Statement 5

11. Election of Auditor (16:30)

12. Other Business (16:40)

13. Adjournment (16:45)



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