AGM 2020

Notice of Annual General Meeting of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Sunday, 2020 June 7
15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT)

Open to All Members

Meeting will take place virtually, via ZOOM. Please follow this link to register for the meeting; final log in information will be emailed to you once your registration is confirmed.

The Agenda for the meeting is on the next page. The materials for the meeting are available on the RASC Website (hardcopies are available from the national office on request):

1. The Proposed By-Law amendments are at:

2. The AGM 2019 Minutes are at:

3. The Annual Report (including audited financial statements) is at:

4. The three Directors to be elected to the Board at the AGM are: · Catherine Carr (Term 2) · Charles Ennis (Term 2) · Brendon Roy (Term 1)

1. Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting Published in the on-line version 2019 Annual Report, and located on the Members-only section on the website
2. Reports of Officers

  • President (Dr. Chris Gainor)
  • 1st Vice-President (Robyn Foret) 
  • 2nd Vice-President (Charles Ennis)
  • Secretary/Recorder (Eric Briggs)
  • Treasurer (Catherine Carr)
  • Financial Statements
  • Motion to approve the financial statements
  • Executive Director (Phil Groff)

3. Reports of Permanent Committees

  • Astroimaging (Stuart Heggie)
  • Awards (Colin Haig)
  • Constitution (Michael Watson)
  • Education (Lauri Roche)
  • Finance (Catherine Carr)
  • Fundraising (Charles Ennis)
  • History (Clark Muir)
  • Inclusivity and Diversity (Charles Ennis)
  • Information Technology (Dave Lane)
  • Light-Pollution Abatement (Ed Reddy)
  • Nominating (Robyn Foret)
  • Observing (Blair Stunder)
  • Publications (Robyn Foret)

4. Reports of Other Committees

  • Public Speaker Program (Charles Ennis)
  • Special Projects Program (Charles Ennis)

5. Election of Board of Directors

6. Motion re: By-Law Amendment

7. Election of Auditor

8. Other Business

9. Adjournment