Information Technology

Committee Definition


Contact Information

To reach the committee you may e-mail

the Information Technology Committee Chair.


Terms of Reference (as of the 2019 Policy Manual)


Committee Members - Effective May 2023

Name Centre Title/Responsibility
Dave Lane Halifax Domain/Server/Mailman
Walter MacDonald Kingston Webmaster
Ryan May Yukon Journal Subscriber Maintenance
Mark Kaye Hamilton Moderator
James Edgar Regina Content Editor
Tasha Clowater Halifax New
Michael Wilson Ottawa New
Scott Sorell Calgary New
* Michael Watson National President (ex officio)
* Jenna Hinds National Executive Director (ex officio)

* = non-voting


Technology Services

Web/DNS Site Redirection

The ITC offers Centres website redirection based on the format of:

This is a permanently available service that allows Centres to publish their website address in a permanent and easy-to-remember way. All links to Centre sites on the National website follow this format. A "flash screen" is provided to link to your Centre. Please keep the Web Team informed of any site moves so this service can be kept up to date.


DNS Name

Centres are eligible for a permanent internet DNS name in the format

(e.g. This service is free and allows you to save on domain registration costs. Contact the Web Team if you are interested.


Web Space

We cannot offer Web space on the national website for Centre use, mainly as the site is not hosted on our server, but on one donated by the Department of Astronomy and Physics at Saint Mary's University, with bandwidth, security, and management limitations.

Email Redirects

We can provide email forwards to addresses of your choice, either in the main domain or in a Centre's sub-domain. Examples might include: or This gives Centres permanent addresses that would follow the addresses of the individuals that read this mail.

RASC Email Lists

We can provide Internet mailing lists to Centres. These lists could be used, for example, for discussion between Centre members or between the council of the Centre. The IT committee reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of a new list.

The RASC currently supports the "mailman" software (see In order to have a list created, the Centre needs to provide at least one member to handle all list activity, including all inter-activity with list members (subscriptions, unsubscriptions, resolving problems, moderation, etc.) after the list has been initially setup. Lists are configured and managed remotely using a Web browser interface.

Newsletter Archives

Centre newsletters are stored in PDF format and indexed via Centre and publication date. Centre Newsletters are made available in the Publications section of the website.

RASC Graphics

The RASC has three national symbols that may be used by Centres:

  • RASC Seal - The Seal of the Society, featuring the muse of astronomy Urania and the motto "Quo ducit Urania." This is available in a bilingual National format along with Centre variants in both colour and monochrome versions.
  • RASC Logo - A simplified version of the National Seal intended for low-resolution and less-formal applications. This has the initials "RASC" and "SRAC."
  • National Wordmark - The National Wordmark is based on the use of the Garamond font (smallcaps) and is used when the full name of the Society is used or the name of its Centres.

Full information on the use of RASC Graphics and downloadable copies is available in the Members' section.

Icon Files for Centre websites

Below is information and icon files provided by Larry McNish (Calgary Centre) for use with Centre websites.  The favicon.ico file is a mini version of the RASC logo for use if you need a favicon for your site.  The ten Apple icons are all the resolutions needed for iOS devices (some Android 2.x or higher devices will use them too) and may simply be unzipped and uploaded to the root folder of your website (no code required!).

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