Past Honorary Members

Honorary Membership was limited to 10 from 1890-1900, and to 15 from 1901 onwards. Corresponding Membership was a lesser class of Honoris causa membership in the early years. A few honorary members, such as Barnard, were first made corresponding members for a short time before being recommissioned as honorary members.

Nation(s) Start End
Proctor, Mrs. Richard A. USA/Ireland 1891 1896
Reber, Mr. Grote USA/Australia 1988 2002
Robinson, Mr. Leif J. USA 2000 2011
Rogers, Prof. William A. USA 1894 1898
Russell, Prof. Henry Norris USA 1946 1957
Russell, Rev. Norman H. Canada/India 1898 1902
Ryle, Sir Martin United Kingdom 1973 1983
Sandage, Dr. Allan R. USA 1975 2010
Schlesinger, Dr. Frank USA 1916 1943
Schwarzschild, Dr. Martin USA 1963 1999