The 2012 June 5-6 transit of Venus (ToV) is over, and there won't be another one till 2117! Many RASC members successfully viewed the ToV here and abroad, and you can find the graphic record of the observations―and of the astronomers making them―here.


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Isbel Gonzalez, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba



Isbel writes:

Friends, please find inclosed a sequence of images taken with my refractor of 190 mm, and a webcam. I couldn't send these for some days due to a lack of connectivity. The images are raw, since they are each stills extracted from the video. I've also included some shots of the system I used to capture the images. It so happened that the afternoon sky was incredibly clear, even though all the previous days had been dreadful. I hope you enjoy the images, above all the friends in South America who couldn't witness the transit.

Waldo Echevarria Torres, Cuba

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