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The 2012 June 5-6 transit of Venus (ToV) is over, and there won't be another one till 2117! Many RASC members successfully viewed the ToV here and abroad, and you can find the graphic record of the observations―and of the astronomers making them―here.


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Clark Muir, K-W Centre

Muir_Horrox_1.jpg Muir_Horrox_2.jpg

Using a reconstruction of a Galilean telescope, Clark has investgated replicating aspects of Jeremiah Horrocks' epochal ToV observation of 1639


Chris Malicki, Mississauga Centre

Chris writes:

Twelve of us, ages 1 month to 65 years old (family and neighbours), successfully observed the transit of Venus from Sault. Ste. Marie, ON. My grandson Felix, age 2 1/2, was excited the entire day before the transit and kept saying "Transit of Venus". I hope that he and 1 month old Violet (my granddaughter) get to see the transit in 2117. The weather was touch-and-go all day, but a beautiful clear area moved in at 5 p.m., and stayed till after sunset. As a result we had a great view for hours of the transit, including the black-drop under high magnification using a Televue 85 with a 10 mm eyepiece. We also used projection to show Venus on the Sun's disc to the kids. After the Sun set behind trees at 8 p.m., my wife Liz and I drove to a nearby funeral home where we could watch the transit till 9:20 p.m. as the Sun set behind some distant trees.

Jim Roberts

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I have been waiting since 2004 to see the transit. Back in 2004, the weather was not so good and so I only experienced a hint of the event. I was hoping this time it would be better. I was not disappointed. I viewed the transit from my home in Point Clark (on shores of Lake Huron). The weather was clear and I was able to see the transit until the sun fell below the tree line at around 7:45pm. I was able to photograph the event with my 10" Newtonian and Canon Digital Rebel, with and without a 2x Barlow. I would be pleased to shared my photos if you would like them.


Paul Pratt, Windsor Centre



Paul writes:

Here are a few images from a transit event held at Point Pelee National Park. There was a huge hatch of midges and mayflies that evening and gulls as well as Venus were often seen in transit across the face of the Sun.

Editor's note: Look closely at the top of Paul's second photo. Paul has succeeded in capturing the green flash as well as Venus transiting the setting Sun.


Peter Jedicke, London Centre

images by Michel Debruyne, Henry Leparskas, Peter Jedicke, Steve Gauthier, Allan Leparskas, and Mitch Zimmer

Peter writes:

This event took place at the University of Western Ontario, hosted by the Physics & Astronomy Department with the cooperation of the RASC London Centre.


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