Brochures and Outreach

Getting Started in Astronomy

The universe is a vast, magnificent place. And it’s yours to explore on any clear night. What is there to see? Do I need a telescope? Can I photograph stars? Questions like these are usually among the first that come to mind when you consider getting into astronomy. This brief guide will help answer them and many more. Let’s get started!

By Gary Seronik 

Topical Brochures

See brochures 1-3 in the list below.

1 - Responsible Lighting

This brochure helps to highlight the issues surrounding light pollution brochure. This is patterned on the very successful Calgary version which downplays the astronomical effects of light pollution and shows that it is a problem that affects everyone. This prevents us from stigmatising ourselves as a narrow-focus special interest group. Colour Adobe Acrobat PDF version; 8.5"x11" double-sided tri-fold format.

2 - Choosing and Using Binoculars

Choosing and Using Binoculars for Astronomy" brochure. Black and white MS Word document; 8.5"x14" double-sided tri-fold format.

3 - Choosing and Using a Telescope

2005 April RASC "Choosing and Using a Telescope for Astronomy" brochure. Black and white MS Word document; photocopy double-sided on an 11"x17" piece of paper with pages 1 and 2 joined at their tops and pages 3 and 4 joined at their tops on the reverse. Make sure that page 3 is on the reverse of page 1. Fold once to get 8.5"X11" and then tri-fold that.

Centre Brochures

A number of Centres have contributed their brochures in electronic form. You may wish to use one as the basis for your own. They typically show events, activities, and who to contact for membership information. These are items 5-13 in the list below. If you would like to contribute a Centre brochure please forward them to the webmaster.

Centre Membership Presentation

Attached below is the RASC Membership Presentation for all Centres to use to renew and acquire members. The presentation deck can be custom fit with "local" or "regional" information, logos, services and programs, images, fees, etc.


Centre Direct Deposit Application attached below.