2022 Edition updates

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Several page references are corrected in the chart below 

Numerous Index references are corrected in the chart below

On pp. 99 to 121, the minima of Algol are incorrect. Use the times from the file below, remembering to to round up.

On p. 133, the date in the table title should be 2022 October 25 

On p. 150, USA Edition, correct the example to "The Correction corresponding to a 73-min Tabular Delay, when the chart is prepared for Chicago as described above, is +10 min; hence the time of moonrise is 21:21 + 10 min = 21:31 CST May 17, or, adding one hour for Daylight Saving Time, 22:31 CDT."

On pp. 152 to 157, Standard Edition, the column headers are missing. Download the file below for the correct version.

On p. 174, for Dec. 14 the symbol should be for eta Leonis, η

On p. 201, the correct wording for the final two sentences of the penultimate paragraph should be as follows:
For example, to find the time of sunset at Calgary on 2022 Apr. 25: the latitude is 51°, and
from the table the time of sunset at 0° longitude is 19:11 UT (after interpolating for date
and latitude). At Calgary the time of sunset will be approximately 19:11 LMT. Calgary
is in the Mountain time zone (M), and at 114° W, is 36 min west of the standard meridian for this
zone (105° W); thus, sunset in Calgary will occur at 19:47 MST (Mountain Standard
Time). Adding one hour to account for Daylight Saving Time makes it 20:47 MDT.

On p. 285, line 21 of the table should read as follows:
21    α    Cen B    14 41.1    −60 56    1.35    0.9    K1 V†    5.7   4.3    Toliman


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