2013 Edition Updates

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Observer's Handbook 2013 Edition


The following corrections have been noted:

On p. 4, instead of "Kevin Breit," the correct given name should be "Derek"

On p. 8, in the Back Cover caption, line 3, the word "Condé" should be "Conté"

On p. 48, the non-bolded text "Jun." that should have been at the right end of the upper and lower boxes suffered an unintentional carriage return

On p. 116, in Penumbral lunar eclipse, the second sentence should have been on p. 106, describing the almost undetectable eclipse of May 25. The author of the text of The Sky Month By Month section was not responsible for that error.

On pp. 126 to 131, for each occurrance of "May 10," change to "May 9–10" (the eclipse begins on May 9)

On p. 128, in the penultimate paragraph, "3/4-hour" should read "3 and 3/4-hour", and, in the last line, change "totality" to "annularity"

On pp. 144 and 145, the date of the hybrid eclipse is incorrectly given as Nov. 13, but should be Nov. 3.

On p. 170, at the end of the penultimate paragraph, change "see facing page" to "see pp. 175–178"

On p. 220, para. 5, change the next opposition of Mars to 2014 April 08

On p. 221, in the table at bottom, change the conjunction on Oct. 14 to "Regulus"

On p. 223, change the last sentence to read "...PHENOMENA OF THE GALILEAN SATELLITES on p. 230."

On p. 230, in the penultimate paragraph, first line, change "are visible" to "are not visible"; and in line 11, change "...start of Io transitting..." to "...end of Io transitting..."

On p. 329, the three objects listed as in the constellation "Sag," NGC 6526, IC 4685, and IC 1824 are in the constellation "Sgr" (Sagittarius)

On p. 349, in "longitude, correction," insert "150," ahead of "184"; and remove the entry for "heliocentric (of planets)"

On p. 350, in "Moon, rise and set," change "151–157" to "150–157"

On p. 350, in "planets" remove the entry for "heliocentric (of planets)"

On p. 351, in "time, siderial," add pp. 40, 47, 48, and delete p. 44

On p. 352, in August, Mt. Kabau Star Party is Sat. Aug3 to Sun. Aug. 11

On p. 352, in September,

  • Rosh Hashanah is on Wed. Sep. 4
  • Annual Algonquin Adventure is  Fri. Sep. 6 to Sun. Sep. 8
  • Yom Kippur requires a superscript 2 and the date is Sat. Sep. 14
  • Daylight Saving Time ends before the Islamic New Year begins on Nov. 4


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