2015 Edition Updates

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Updates for the 2015 Observer's Handbook


On p. 16, in Igniting Creativity, line 2, the first word should be "creativity"

On p. 37, the correct name for the 2001 Soyuz TM-32 spaceflight passenger is "Dennis Tito"

On p. 37, the comet name in 2005 Deep Impact should be "Tempel 1"

On p. 94, the page numbers given for the right-hand monthly tables should be (pp. 99–121)

On p. 132, para. 3, the middle two sentences should read:

Observers in western North and South America miss the late stages of the eclipse, which occur after moonset. Likewise parts of central and eastern Asia experience moonrise after the eclipse begins so they miss the early stages.

On p. 219, in the Table MARS—OBSERVING CIRCUMSTANCES IN 2015, the headings “Diam. % PA Incl.” should all be moved one column to the right

On p. 264, the page heading should be Comets in 2015

On p. 297, Σ 2991 Peg should be "F" under the "Diff." column

On p. 352, the dates for Astronomy Week and Astronomy Day should be April 20–26; and April 25.

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