2016 Edition Updates

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Updates for the 2016 Observer's Handbook

On the inside front cover, #9, the URL for the Handbook should be rasc.ca/handbook

On p. 11, the link to the Montreal Centre Bellevue Observatory is


On p. 12, the URL for the Carr Astronomical Observatory is


On p. 13, the RASCals Star Party details are:

Location: Metchosin, British Columbia

Latitude: 48° 23′ N  Longitude: 123° 32′ W  Elevation: 50m/164ft

On p. 26, the page reference in footnote 13 should be 227

On p. 86, para. 4, line 5, the URL for the observing form should be


On p. 94, the first page reference in the Sun, line 2, should be "pp. 184-185"

On p. 107, the parenthetical note that the May 21 full Moon is the smallest in 2016 properly belongs on p. 105, for April 22

On p. 187, 2nd line from the bottom, the page reference should be "p. 184"

On p. 218, the opening phrase in the third full paragraph should read "Mars starts 2016..."

On pp. 250 and 251, the footnotes should refer to page 249

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