2009 Edition Updates

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The following corrections have been noted to the 2009 edition:

  • On p. 10, the address of the Society has changed to: 203 - 4920 Dundas St W, Toronto ON M9A 1B7
  • p. 23:
    • Mars ... Correction ... 282.40087 then ... 359.9484
    • The first value for the longitude at epoch for Saturn is incorrect. The correct value for 4840.5 should be 160.4377.
    • The second value for the longitude at epoch for Neptune is incorrect. The correct value for 4988.5 should be 325.4355.
  • p. 35: The Magnitude section reference should be to p. 59, not p. 50.
  • p. 37: The reference to Planck's Constant should be p.34, not p.36.
  • p. 37: The reference to the octave of visible light wavelengths should be p. 36, not p. 32.
  • p. 44: The reference for the calculation of LMST should be p. 50, not p. 49.
  • p. 63: The reference to te notation of MxD should be p. 54, not p.53.
  • p. 85: The 2=B0 circle for the north celestial pole should have the same scale seen in the 2=B0 circle for the south celestial pole.
  • p. 108: The reference in the Moon section to an occultation being visible should be removed.
  • p. 109: The daggered footnote should read: NE Africa, SE Europe, Middle East, Arabia, India, S China, SE Asia, N Philippines.
  • p. 113: The Jupiter satellites for July is a shifted copy of the one for June. The corrected July page is here: PDF.
  • p. 163: In the second-last paragraph, the reference should be to pp. 100-122, not pp. 96-118.
  • p. 170: The table that is referred to as being on p.162 is, in fact, the table immediately below.
  • p. 188: In the first line of each subsection. the table referred to is opposite, not overleaf.
  • p. 188: The reference in the sundial correction should be to p. 208, not p. 195.
  • p. 232: The table with data on the brighter satellites of Uranus: The data for Arial and Umbrial appear to be correct, but the data for Titania and Oberon are a repeat of that for Arial and Umbrial.
  • On p. 232: The data for Titania and Oberon are incorrect; they should read:
    o Moon Period Separation Magnitude
    * Titania 8.71 32.6 13.9
    * Oberon 13.46 44.2 14.1
  • p. 234: The diameter of Pluto should be 2390 km.
  • p. 234: 6 Sagittarius should be 6 Sagitarii.
  • p. 273: The reference for times of twilight should be p. 213, not p. 200.
  • p. 283: Delta Sco, the last star in the table, should have a distance of 400 light-years, not 520.
  • p. 296: Cor Carolis should be Cor Caroli.
  • p. 319: The RA for Object 68 (NGC 4274) should be 12, not 2.
  • p. 326: In the final paragraph, the internal page references should be p. 313 (not 286) and p. 305 (not p. 247).
  • p. 355: The correct page number for Theodoric of Freiberg should be 198.
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