2014 Edition Updates

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Updates for the 2014 Observer's Handbook


On p. 8, under Editorial Team, Michael Gatto's name should be as it appears here.

On p. 38, "Tiangong-1" should be spelled as it appears here.

On p. 99, the Jupiter satellites diagram in the right column is incorrect. Use the document provided below.

On p. 128, the magnitude for Arcturus is incorrectly given. It should be magnitude -0.05 (as shown on p. 281).

On p. 135, the times for Regina and Saskatoon are incorrect, subtract two hours from the eclipse begins time and one hour from max-eclipse and eclipse ends. For Regina, Eclipse Begins at 14:58; Max is at 16:17; Ends is 17:29. For Saskatoon, Eclipse Begins at 14:52; Max is at 16:12; Ends is 17:25.

On p. 165, under Toronto, Aug. 31, Saturn's disappearance is given as 01:7 28 and reappearance at 01:7 56 UT, should be 17:28.6 and 17:56.6 respectively.

On p. 173, grazing occultation event #116 involving Mars occurs on 2014 Jul 6 UT.
On p. 297, the colour given for the "A" star in Omicron Draconis (ο Dra) should be "Gd"  


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