2019 Edition Updates

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On pp. 25 & 26, in the header, the correct symbols for Density should be g/cm³

On p. 32, in the line above annual precession in alpha, the s is missing -- should be sin delta

On p. 84, the correct latitude for Old Man on his Back Nocturnal Preserve is 49.2° N

On p. 107, May 5, the shower is the eta Aquariids and peaks May 6 at 14 UT 

On p. 111, July 28, the shower is the S. delta Aquariids and peaks July 29 at 16 UT

On p. 143, the times for Indianapolis are incorrectly shown as Central Standard Time, add one hour to each ingress value to get Eastern Standard Time

On p. 254, the table times are incorrect. The PDF below with the correct times can be copied, printed, and pasted over the exisiing p. 254.

On p. 256, under Fireball Reporting, the site http://www.uqac.ca/miac/ is no longer viable. Use the AMS site. 

On p. 292, the third entry in the table should be shown as φ Psc AB

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