2020 Edition Updates

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In the USA Edition, the Moon diagrams on the RH pages from 99 to 121 are incorrect. A PDF is offered below with all the correct images for the 12 months. Print the PDF at 6.2% and the lunar images precisely fit the area for cutting and pasting, if desired.

On p. 99, the Quadrantid meteor shower peaks Jan. 4 at 9h

On p. 105, the Lyrid meteor shower peaks Apr. 22 at 6h

On p. 107, the eta-Aquariid meteor shower peaks May 5 at 5h

On p. 111, the south delta-Aquariid meteor shower peaks Jul. 28 at 22h

On p. 117, the Orionid meteor shower peaks Oct. 21 at 6h

On p. 119, the south Taurid meteor shower peaks Nov. 5 at 6h

On p. 119, the north Taurid meteor shower peaks Nov. 12 at 5h

On p. 119, the Leonid meteor shower peaks Nov. 17 at 12h

On p. 121, the Geminid meteor shower peaks Dec. 14 at 1h

On p. 121, the Ursid meteor shower peaks Dec. 22 at 9h

On p. 230 of the USA Edition, 2nd last paragraph, the example is incorrect. It should read "If planning to observe from 22:00 on Jul. 9 to 4:00 PDT on Jul. 10 (7 h behind UT), scanning the table for events in the interval Jul. 10 from 5:00 to 11:00 UT would show four events. At 23:31 PDT on Jul. 9, Ganymede’s shadow moves onto Jupiter followed 24 minutes later by Ganymede itself. At 2:51 PDT on Jul. 10, Ganymede’s shadow leaves Jupiter’s disk, followed 25 min later by Ganymede."

On p. 254, USA Edition, the Meteor Showers table is incorrect. Use the PDF below.

On p. 292, the object at RA 01 13.7 is incorrectly identified as Theta Piscium AB; it should be Phi Piscium

On p. 293, the object at RA 07 44.4 is incorrectly identified as Chi Geminorum; it should be Kappa Geminorum

On p. 294, the object at RA 16 08.1 is incorrectly identified as Chi Hercules AB; it should be Kappa Hercules

On p. 294, the object at RA 20 08.9 is incorrectly identified as Chi Cephei AB; it should be Kappa Cephei

In the USA Edition, the star chart on p. 306 is messed up. Use the PDF below.

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